Label and Packaging Design

label and packaging design

“When it comes to label and packaging design, the right brain side of our business is always the most fun.”

Label and packaging design is our thing…we live and breathe it – and it’s not just about a bunch of graphic designers sitting around a fancy conference room table with MacBook Pros. The fact is, the only way to get good at the the label and packaging design business is to develop the experience over years of building brands. Label and packaging design from a creative standpoint involves a combination of  artistic and creative design, technical packaging knowledge, and branding expertise.

We have over 20 years of experience in label and packaging design in a wide array of industries including:

  • Food Label and Packaging design
  • Supplement Label Design
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage label and packaging design
  • Beer and Wine label design
  • Health and Beauty label and packaging design
  • Household goods label and packaging design
  • and other misc. label and packaging design elements

The Label Pros’ experienced design team will assist you in brainstorming, formulating, and perfecting your label and packaging design vision including:

  • color scheme
  • label elements/layout
  • packaging/container types
  • label types, materials, finishes and effects
  • label dimensions, size/shape die manufacture
  • bullet points/descriptors

We now offer 3D modeling during any label and packaging design of your product so you can see exactly what your product will look like as it’s being developed. This takes the uncertainly out of decisions that need to be made with the numerous options available. Compare options, make changes, and view your product in multiple variations, angles, and lighting. Even more amazing, we can turn these 3D photo-realistic models of your product into 2D product images for use on websites, ads, catalogs, and other applications. These photos are perfect images available in literally any angle or lighting situation.

We have creative genius here, and we’re not afraid to use it….

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

Doug S.
“Bill and his team have handled our label design and FDA guideline compliance for years now. In an industry where a non-compliant label can result in a costly recall, it’s nice to have the piece of mind that TLP can not only deliver on appearance, but work within the regulations as well.”
Doug S. MyoSci Technologies
Molly O.
“Thank you so much guys! Cute, classy, clean and modern – exactly what we were going for the labels look amazing. Love the bold colors and matte finish…”
Molly O. Aromascentia
Brian T.
“I see labels go through our manufacturing facility on almost a weekly basis that TLP has done – they always look fresh and original…the quality of them is some of the best I’ve seen…they are always done strictly to code as well.”
Brian T. Primarch Mfg, Inc.
Thomas F.
“We were going for a very particular look. and TLP nailed it! Appearance, materials – everything. We had them do all our packaging it all stands out on the shelves amongst the other products.”
Thomas F. PaleoPro
Charles W.
“Well, I’ll tell you this. HOME RUN HIT! Logo is fantastic. Company name looks great. Background is clean and simple. Product name pops with a perfect stylized font. And most important, the packaging looks delicious. Very nicely done…it’s perfect.”
Charles W. Ground Based Nutrition