Supplement Label Design

Supplement Label Design

“The supplement industry is crowded and competitive, making the need for an excellent supplement label design essential.”

Americans spend over $30 billion on supplements every year and that number is growing steadily. This highly competitive market makes a supplement label design that can stand out essential. Go ahead and take a look at the supplement aisle of your local market, or online…most of them look pretty similar right? Do you see the supplement label designs that “pop” though? Chances are we had a hand in it!

At TLP, because we’ve done so many supplement label designs, we understand the pitfalls and loopholes of supplement label design and compliance. We know the questions to even ask before even beginning a supplement label design project such as:

  • What makes your product a supplement?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Is the label layout and format compliant?
  • Are you using the correct font and line sizes?
  • Are your ingredients listed properly?
  • What warnings or disclaimers are necessary?
  • What claims are you allowed to make?
  • What information must you disclose?
  • Is your Supplement Facts label FDA compliant?

The FDA has begun heavily cracking down on supplement regulation in the past 2 years. The #1 way the FDA does this is to review Supplement Label Designs for regulation compliance. We have had numerous firms come to us after having gone through an FDA audit where their labels did not pass. This usually results in product recalls and is extremely stressful and expensive for companies to go through. Don’t let this happen to you!

The Label Pros are experts in all FDA regulations and formatting guidelines. We incorporate these rules and regulations into every design – and then we make that design awesome. We have people focusing on the annoying regulations while making the supplement label design fresh, targeted to your market, and aesthetically pleasing. Don’t trust your supplement label design to just anybody, leave it to The Label Pros.